A soft muzzle that lets your dog smile

Care and Handling of a SMUZZLE™
(From Illi’s Mum)

SMUZZLE™s are machine washable, cold.

SMUZZLE™s are soft muzzles that have been engineered to be pliable, lightweight and non-intrusive to the pet. Due to these characteristics, it is not recommended to let your pet catch & fetch while wearing a SMUZZLE™. It is also recommended to keep away all objects which may pierce the SMUZZLE™ mesh.

SMUZZLE™s have been designed to NOT look aggressive. I prefer the SMUZZLE™ to look as transparent as possible when Illi is wearing it: ie. white on white. The color range has been selected for this purpose. Other colors will be added as supplies become available.

SMUZZLE™ is trademarked and the product is patent pending.
Thank you for not copying this product.
Silli Illi