A soft muzzle that lets your dog smile

Perfect for compulsive-eaters, over-eaters, un-ordinary eaters and anxious pets.

Hi ! I am Illi and my Mum invented the SMUZZLE™. It is a Soft Muzzle that lets me drink (hydrate), fully pant (temperature regulate) and bark (defence). It does not make me look aggressive. It lets me smile.

SMUZZLE™ History

I’m called Silli Illi. I am a male Samoyed and I have been diagnosed with PICA, an eating disorder. I especially like bits of rubber. Unfortunately, this gets caught in my tummy and I must have surgery for relief. I have had 6 surgeries. My Dad says I am worth more than the classic car he wants. My parents tried traditional basket muzzles after my first few surgeries.

When wearing the basket muzzle, lots of people thought I was mean and nasty and avoided giving me pats. One man was so afraid; he beat me with his walking stick. Not long after that incident, another dog attacked me in an off lead park. His Mum said it was because of the basket muzzle I was wearing. I was scared, I could not even bark to tell my Mum I was hurting.

My Mum felt so bad, she said I never had to wear a traditional muzzle again. Then I had 2 more surgeries with rubber caught in my tummy….that is when my Mum invented the SMUZZLE™ for me!!!!

I prefer not to have anything on my face, but will happily wear a SMUZZLE™ to keep me out of trouble. Dad says he can now save up for his classic car.


Silli Illi